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Financing Available - Buy Today and Pay Over Time!
Financing Available - Buy Today and Pay Over Time!

Lumitec SeaBlaze Mini LED Underwater Lights, Blue

SKU 101246

Compact and value added solution to underwater lighting.

The halo of radiating light bouncing off the aft deck ceiling and illuminating the surrounding areas creates a unique atmosphere aboard your boat, but there are also practical benefits. SeaBlaze Mini LED underwater lights provide much appreciated illumination when stepping on or off you boat at night. The added light gives a better perspective to judge distances between the dock and boat. It also helps to define the edges of the cockpit and swim platform. For the angler, underwater lights can attract both bait and game fish and help land prized fish at night.

The durable surface mounted SeaBlaze Mini was engineered for the long haul. A special aluminum alloy is used for the low-profile body to withstand constant submersion in saltwater. The tough, scratch resistant tempered glass lens ensures the maximum brightness shines through and works with the aluminum body to dissipate heat generated by the light. Heat control is so efficient that the lights can be operated above the waterline indefinitely. Self-contained circuitry is tested to military standards and ready to handle extreme temperatures, shocks and vibration. Putting the controller and circuitry within the light means only two wires enter the boat through a 1/4" hole—making installation a little easier. All circuitry is isolated from the body eliminating the need to bond the light.

Controlling the SeaBlaze Mini is done without an external controller to simplify installation. All that is needed is a simple single pole/single throw switch. This makes matching existing dashboard theme easier to incorporate the addition of underwater lighting seamlessly.

It’s tough to beat the value of SeaBlaze Mini underwater lights. They provide a unique look, make boating at night safer, help to stir up bait and game fish and are built to last. Bring a new element to night-time aboard your boat by lighting up the water with Lumitec SeaBlaze Mini underwater lights.


  • Compact underwater lighting at a value price
  • Ideal for trailered boats, skiffs, dinghies and pontoon boats
  • Adds safety to boating at night giving passengers and crew clear definition of cockpit and swim platform edges
  • Anodized aluminum body engineered for constant submersion in saltwater
  • Tough scratch resistant tempered glass lens
  • Bright Blue light
  • Electronically isolated circuitry and does not require bonding
  • Surface mounts without extensive fiberglass work to the hull (includes stainless steel fasteners with isolation washers)
  • Efficient heat transference: can be operated above the waterline indefinitely
  • Low electrical draw: 990mA @ 12V DC; 450mA @ 24V DC
  • Approvals: Certified Ignition Protected, Intrinsically Safe, USCG, CE, IP67 Compliant
  • Sold as a Pair
  • Waterproof


  • Amperage: 990mA at 12V DC; 450mA at 24V DC
  • Color: Blue
  • Dimensions: 2.98" Diameter x 0.58" Depth
  • Light Output: 890 Lumens
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Mounting Hardware: Mounting Hardware (Included)
  • Type: Surface Mount
  • Voltage: 10-30 Volts DC
  • Warranty: Three Year Limited Warranty for Materials & Workmanship